Help us respond to COVID-19

As the COVID-19 pandemic strikes East Africa, hunger is as urgent a need as treating the virus. LOHADA children are sheltering in place with either their extended families or other families. Many are in Shinyanga, which has been hit with devastating floods.

Children are often staying with grandparents or other disadvantaged relatives, so LOHADA is working to help provide necessities such as rice, maize flour, beans and oil that will help ease the additional burden.

At Golden Grace Clinic in Shinyanga, personal protective equipment, including masks, gloves and protective clothing, is being provided to our health care workers. Dr. Patricia Allenby of Ohio State University is conducting online training so that medical staff can protect themselves and others.

The number of cases in Tanzania is rapidly growing, and as food supplies dwindle because of flooding, the situation becomes more urgent. Help us continue to help our kids by donating toward these needs.

Please indicate “COVID-19 Fund” on PayPal form as you are donating.