How to sponsor a child

Each child at LOHADA has a story. Some have been abandoned to the streets, left to beg for their survival. Others’ parents have died in childbirth, from AIDS, or have been murdered. LOHADA children urgently need personal sponsors to change the course of their lives.  Life  in a crowded and crime-filled slum can be truly harsh for a child.  Please help balance the injustice by sponsoring a child today.

LOHADA offers two levels of sponsorship, and we have convenient automatic monthly billing. For $38 per month, you can sponsor at the Silver level, which will help supply one child’s education, food, clothing, boarding and care. For $50 per month, you can sponsor at the Gold level, providing all costs of one child’s needs. Unlike other charities, all your money goes to the care and education of children. We encourage families, youth groups, churches, civic groups and fraternal organizations to team together to sponsor a child.

To learn more about our children, return to the Sponsor a Child page, and scroll down and click on a child’s photo. To sponsor a child, simply click the “Sponsor Me” button. Fill out the form and submit it. You will immediately be connected to PayPal to set up your automatic payment, and we will send details on how to correspond with your child. Our children have had a very tough start in life, but your love, generosity and kindness has the potential to transform them. For more details about sponsorship, please send us your questions.