Camp Joshua School

CAMP JOSHUA CHRISTIAN SCHOOL is where learning happens and where kids are loved. Opened in 2005, it is a primary school for 150 children from Unga Limited slum and from a remote village in western Tanzania outside of Shinyanga. About 100 students board at the school.

The pre-Kindergarten through Level 7 school has seven teachers, three caretakers and a night watchman. All staff salaries and food costs are paid by donor sponsorships of the children.

Children learn mathematics, social studies, English, Swahili, science and art. At Levels 4 they take National Exams, and then again at Level 7 to determine if they qualify for secondary school. On average, 90-95 percent of our students pass their National Exams, despite the fact that many come to LOHADA delayed because they had been unable to attend school.

Late afternoons find the children singing spirituals and dancing. Some students return to families in the slums; others who live at the school take their meals, study in the library and play soccer and netball in the yard.