Golden Grace Hospital

GOLDEN GRACE HOSPITAL opened in January, 2017 in Shinyanga, a city in western Tanzania near the home of many LOHADA children. The ministry has provided low-cost health care to people in the community, including outpatient services, limited inpatient care, obstetrics and newborn check-ups, vaccinations, HIV treatment and x-rays. 

Our mobile clinic takes medical services to outlying areas and during the pandemic delivered food, water and blankets to elderly women that are the target of persecution with witchcraft being prevalent in the region. 

Golden Grace apartments

With government approval, Golden Grace hopes to be functioning as a Health Center soon. The women’s ward will allow for increased labor and delivery services and a surgical theater is being readied for use. 

Generous donations have begun providing the equipment needed, such as surgical lights and a patient monitor, but many other supplies are needed in the expansion of our services.

To donate, please go to the Donate page and write “Golden Grace donation” in the notes field when donating through PayPal, a credit card or with appreciated stock.

The Golden Grace Dispensary was founded in 2017 by John Wambura. It is in Shinyanga, Tanzania.
The Golden Grace was founded in 2017 in Shinyanga, Tanzania.