Golden Grace Hospital

GOLDEN GRACE HOSPITAL opened in January 2017 in Shinyanga, a city in western Tanzania near the home of many LOHADA children. The ministry provides low-cost health care to people in the community, including obstetrics, vaccinations, malaria treatment, x-rays and dispensing of drugs.

The hospital charges a nominal fee, about 25 cents, for an office visit and a small fee for lab tests and medications. 

Through the support of generous donors, our small clinic is growing and is impacting the lives of people who have few options for car.  Under the guidance of Dr. Patricia Allenby, a surgical theater has been built and health care professionals from the United States will begin to serve alongside Tanzanian doctors.  New apartments have been built, so that in January or February a team of three Ohio State University internal medicine residents, a recently retired pediatrician and a clinical nurse practitioner can stay at the clinic.

Golden Grace apartments

Because people in the rural areas surrounding Shinyanga often must walk very long distances to get health care, the Golden Grace staff has begun traveling to surrounding areas.  The mobile clinic, made possible by Tricia and Greg Allenby and Diane and Dave Engelhardt, has already provided HPV vaccines to young girls in remote areas and administered IV fluids to pregnant women. Plans are underway to vaccinate young children against childhood illnesses.

Golden Grace is in need of donations for hospital beds ($200 each) and furniture for the residents’ apartments. To donate, please click the PayPal button below and write “Golden Grace donation” in the notes field when donating through PayPal.

The Golden Grace Dispensary was founded in 2017 by John Wambura. It is in Shinyanga, Tanzania.
The Golden Grace was founded in 2017 in Shinyanga, Tanzania.