Shoes at Camp Moses. A new pair: $20.
Shoes at Camp Moses. A new pair: $20.

Running an organization like LOHADA requires stepping out in faith, believing that funds will become available to help more children . . . . build more classrooms. . . . provide food and clothing for children, even in lean times.

Like the vast majority of Tanzanians, LOHADA is frugal by necessity. Many classrooms have only one textbook per subject. Camp Joshua gets only two hours of electricity to light its dorms at night. Younger LOHADA children share clothes and shoes. Their medical and school supplies are limited.

The needs are great. But because of people like you, and through faith, children are being educated, clothed, fed and loved. Your donations can change the course of lives for LOHADA children and elderly people. With your help, we can continue to step out boldly and serve even more disadvantaged people.

Some of our more pressing needs are listed here. We warmly appreciate all donations, however small: You can donate even a portion toward these needs. We also welcome non-specific donations.

To reduce banking fees to our sponsors, offer online payment via PayPal. If you wish to use this method, click the GIVE NOW button. This will take you to our secure PayPal page, where you can make a payment using a credit card.

Coming to visit? Click here for a list of material needs that you can bring.

Food for 200 children, one week: $376
Soap for one month: $150
School supplies: $5 – $150

$20-$1000 Upgrade plumbing in boys’ bathroom

$50-$3500 Repair to Camp Joshua security wall