In honor of Alessandra

There are times in life, looking back, that you realize you brushed up against an angel. That’s what Alessandra Glickman was for so many, including the children of LOHADA. When she visited our children, Alessandra cheered them with her sweet smile and her puppets. As she mingled among them, they came to love her.

We were broken hearted to learn Alessandra passed away suddenly in early July. The outpouring of love towards Alessandra’s parents, Tina Ashamalla and Rob Glickman, and her brother Luca has been tremendous. Knowing the family’s deep ties to the children of LOHADA, many have chosen to honor Alessandra’s life by donating so that our kids can live healthier and happier lives. We are beyond grateful, and humbled, that the family has chosen to channel their loss into something that helps other children.

Funds will be used to care for children, buying much-need food, clothing, shoes and paying for care by teachers and “mamas” who help guide them. Thanks to the following people who have donated generously in Alessandra’s honor:

Antje Ashamalla
Michael Ashamalla
Bridget Tadello
Louis Ashamalla
Karen and Paul Jacobs
Doral and Robin Chenoweth
Kristin Grosso
Wendy Kotilla

Magen Mintchev
Nadia Sillano
Terry Whalen
Laura Grandi-Hill
Pablo Cancio
Alexandra Bogdan

Donal Quinn
Nicole Ashamalla Bates
Keanu Adkins
Linda Hartline
Elizabeth Sernoffkapur
Jeremy and Catharina Mollet
Raquel Bravo
Kerry Ford
Joy Marrs Wilcox
Alicia Humpert
Sangeeta LaForges
Stefano Minucci
Rosa Capella
Kristen Pierce
Leah Cadavona
Wendy Collins
Kristen Stavisky
Bryan Scanlon
Rahul and Ilona Banta

Parissa Taghibagi-Akhavein
Lisa Harvey-Duren
Amy O’Leary
Lene Levy-Storms
Susan Kevorkian
Caldwell Kerr
Janet Bray

Daniel Conway
Alex and Peter Hutton

Ariane Lindblom
Michele Ashamalla
Jen Parker
Jessica Voskanian
Cindy Sibley
Natalie, Patrick, Jack and Luke Williams
Denise Moon
Rodrigo Salas
Melissa Trimble Luciano
Daniel Fletcher
Julia Runda
Heba Turner
Shoukry Ashamalla
Susan Archanian
John Lundberg
Peter Smith
Tejinder Grewal
Jamie and Isaac Cohen
Michelle Ward
Nora Rashid

Raffi and Mona Massabki
The Enerio Family
David Ashamalla
Violet Agopian

Kathleen Quirk
Elisabeth O’Donnell
Steven and Laurel Miranda
Mandy Levenberg
Frederick Crosby
Michele and Jose Fernandez
Jennie Franta

Carisa Koh
Victor Ashamallah
Denise Carbon
Andrea Picon
Philip Glickman

Teri Felix
Greg Ashamalla
Badia Ashamallah
Judson Feder
Lindsey Fox
Paola Hubert
Teresa Peluso
Matt Bannick

Special thanks to Andrijana Culjak, who has sponsored Elisha; Ipek Tunca, who sponsored Rehema; and Rosemarie Ashamalla, who sponsored Phabian, in tribute to Alessandra.

If you would like to join these folks to donate in honor of Alessandra, click here. Include Alessandra’s name in the Donation Purpose field so that we can share your generosity with her family.