With two children’s centers, Camp Moses and Camp Joshua, LOHADA is the Loving Hands for the Disadvantaged and Aged in Arusha, Tanzania.
Volunteers from Penticton Secondary School in Canada dance with the kids at Camp Joshua.

Come join us. And be changed.

volunteerMAYBE YOU’VE WONDERED what it’s like to teach science in an African school. Maybe you know how to build a dormitory or help children with learning disabilities. If you want to use your skills to change lives — especially your own — LOHADA has a perfect opportunity for you.

LOHADA is the sum of its volunteers. They spearhead fundraising, paint classrooms, mend clothes and send donations. Once home, they begin the real work of raising awareness for an organization that depends on its donors.

The work of LOHADA is ongoing and the needs are many. Volunteers are vital to keep LOHADA at the forefront of helping children.


Positions are of a “paying volunteer” nature and are determined by the length of stay. The fee covers accommodation with a local host family and three meals per day (breakfast and dinner with host family and lunch at the center). Travel expenses to and from Arusha/Kilimanjaro Airport not included.

  • Up to one month: US $700
  • ApplyTwo months: US $1,300
  • Three months: US $1,600
  • Four to six months: US $1,800

Specific jobs roles and activities are flexible. Some volunteers take the following roles.

  • Nursery School Assistant — Helping with daily care, education and recreation of younger children at Camp Moses.
  • Grieving Center Therapist  — Therapist, psychologist or counselor to help children deal with grief of losing a family member.
  • Primary School Assistant — Working at Camp Joshua with primary school children, helping with lessons and recreation.
  • Handyman/woman — Working to repair, maintain and improve LOHADA infrastructure.
  • Special Education Instructor — Evaluate children and train LOHADA teachers to help students with learning disabilities.
  • Teaching Instructor — Instructing teachers on better, more effective methods of teaching.

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