Take one look at the faces of LOHADA children and you will see: They are happy. Considering the often devastating challenges they have faced, this is no small miracle.

LOHADA gives hope back to children, whether they’ve been abandoned or abused, whether they have lost their parents or just need a boost to overcome the debilitating effects of poverty.

“We’re covering children from the storm of the world.” — Happiness Wambura

This Tanzanian-run, non-profit organization runs three centers — in Arusha, Tanzania, and in rural, northern Tanzania — serving hundreds of impoverished children and their extended families as well as elderly people exiled from their communities.

LOHADA strives to empower families by educating children and helping their guardians to break the bonds of prostitution, alcoholism and abuse; and to be a guardian to children who have no one because they have been abandoned, orphaned or abused.

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