Shinyanga Project

Shinyanga Kids cropped

We are responding to children in crisis

The Shinyanga District in western Tanzania has experienced such persistent drought that the government recently declared it semi-arid. Where there used to be streams are dry riverbeds. Areas that were lush and green offer no grazing for animals or rainfall for crops. The result is that people who have always relied on agriculture to survive can’t anymore.

Children in the region are most vulnerable. Many kids are eating only one meal per day.

LOHADA has responded in the past by taking the most vulnerable and sick children into its care in centers in Arusha. The crisis is so great that we are being forced to reimagine our ministry.

Beginning in 2018, we will offer home-based care for the youngest children in Shinyanga. This will include food, clothing, material support and medicine. We will also begin a preschool, at which the children will eat porridge for breakfast and lunch with a protein source such as beans. They will also begin learning basic skills so they will be more ready for school. The children will attend preschool by day then return home.

This home-based care will allow children to stay in the home, connected with their families, and allow LOHADA to reach more of them.

If you make a donation in someone’s honor, send us their name and address in the “Write a note” field on PayPal. We will send them a card telling them about your kind contribution.