Donate for Walkways and a driveway at Lohada

A long overdue project is finally coming to life! This June volunteers will work on installing new cement walkways and a driveway across the Camp Joshua campus! This will finally allow our kids to move freely from their dorms, classrooms and dining hall without traversing the grass and ground that typically swells with rainwater. The rainy season bring downpours that turn Camp Joshua into a muddy mess and the time has come to address it!

No more muddy messes. Shoes will last longer, our facilities will stay cleaner as will our kids!

Each volunteer arriving in June will actively fundraise, but to help us reach our goal we will depend on the kind generosity of our supporters of Lohada like yourself.

Please consider donating to help us reach our total project cost of $17,500!

A big thank you to our Christmas Gas Stoves fundraiser donors! We have finally upgraded to a clean, efficient, and sustainable gas solution. The Lohada kitchens no longer depend on firewood every month for cooking which is a huge boost to the kid’s health and the environment, and was a significant cost that now can be invested back to the kids.